Speech of Director

Md Mahfuzur Rahman


Win Tec. International School

Dear Win Tec. International School Family –

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.

I’m honored to myself that, I am the Director of WTIS, Sherpur, Bangladesh. WTIS is run under the Integrated Rural Development Sangstha (IRDS). IRDS is an NGO located in Sherpur, Bangladesh.

Our theme is “ Providing Smart quality education with fun”. We offer an outstanding education, based on a comprehensive, standard based curriculum. We also support students in contributing their own ideas for initiatives, activities and events.

In this world life full of challenges and growing competition. It’s a quality and excellence that matter.

We all are aware that academic success or failure is closely linked with multiple approaches that we are able to provide and maintain in our day to day teaching and learning.

“An ideal Education should be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for humanity rights and fundamental freedom “. We are looking forward to a wonderful School year and beyond. Thank You for all your support with providing a world class education for our students.


About WTIS is a name of “providing smart quality education and fun” run under the Integrated Rural Development Sangstha (IRDS), Sherpur, Bangladesh. IRDS is an NGO. IRDS helping the poor,who are poor and disadvantage people in Sherpur. 


The aim of WTIS The School aim to mound all round personally of the students not only through academics but also by organizing co- curricular activities, that provide ample opportunities for the students to grow and gain confidence to face chaining values and worldly challenges in the national and international level.

Speech of Principle



Win Tec. International School

Dear audience

Peace be upon you.

I believe in God and resurrection in hereafter. Currently we are living in such a challenging world that the law of “Survival for the fittest” became the most cruel reality. There is no room for disqualified ones, not here and even not in hereafter. But sometimes the term quality is mis-understood with skillfulness.

For example, a serial killer obviously has a skill to hunt a human life, but it never should be considered as a quality. Morality must be included in the quality.

Here, in Win Tec. International School, we are trying to combine skill and morality with our utmost sincerity.

We are committed to nourish scientific and religious moral practices at the same platform. We want to make sure that our students be able and confident to survive any kind of challenges here in this world as well as get salvation in hereafter.

Please, keep us in your prayers.

Thank you.


Sr. Teacher

M. A (Social Welfare), NU, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Habiba Rahman


M. Sc( Zoology), NU, Dhaka, Bangladesh



আগামীদিনের ভবিষ্যত (The Future Citizen)

শিক্ষাকার্যক্রম(School Activities):-

Digital Class Room

The Principle is passing busy day with the students and trying to develop the future of the nation.

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